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Holidays in the Sauerland region in the houses of Family Dohle


Kallenhardt is a beautiful small village in the middle of the Arnsberg Forest Nature Park. The cave "Hohler Stein" and the nature park Lörmecketal with its caves, cliffs and springs belong to Kallenhardt. Here you will find one of the oldest town halls in Westphalia from the 13th century. Around 1300 the tower of the baroque church of St. Clemens was built. An old city wall from the Middle Ages surrounds the historic town center. Bakers, butchers, grocery stores, very good restaurants and cafés can be found in town.


Warstein in the Sauerland region: The city with 30,000 inhabitants on the northern edge of the Arnsberg Forest - the link between the Hellweg region and the Hochsauerland - presents itself as a city of diversity. The world famous "Warsteiner" beer is at home here. The Warsteiner Brewery organizes Europe's largest, annual ballooning event, the "International Warsteiner Montgolfiade". In addition to endless forests, this city has unique geological features, such as quartz deposits, cave attractions, stone quarrying and much more.


Provided with city rights in 1200, it is the largest municipality in the district. As the gateway to the Sauerland, it offers visitors numerous recreational opportunities such as the Biebertal. A medieval city wall with the Hachtor, witch's tower, craftsmen's village and water tower that can be hiked over a length of approx. 3 km stretches around the city center and is unparalleled as a circular route.